Tuesday, February 28, 2012

P-p-p-poker Cake

No so long ago the girl half of one of our couple friends asked me if I could do a poker themed cake for the boy half’s upcoming birthday party. I immediately thought I should make the cake into a miniature poker table and decorate it with fondant. So, after doing a little online research - I didn’t know if poker tables were octagons or hexagons - I put my sketch together and forgot about it for a while. 
I set to baking the Thursday before the party…and got excited and decided to go ahead and stack the layers and make the fondant that night too. Friday night I carved the cake into an octagon, which was really easy because of the markings that were still left on the cake from the folded parchment paper, and then covered it in black fondant. And Saturday I spent pretty much the whole day dying and rolling out fondant to cut into chips and cards, and then piping all of the detail onto them. 
I accidentally made the piping icing too thick, so I had to take a break after piping a handful of chips because my hand hurt so bad, but I thinned it out and got back to work. The below is the result of one full day and two evenings work.

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