Flavors and Pricing

Cake Flavors
Red Velvet
Rum Pecan
Apple Spice

Cake Fillings
Classic Buttercream (available in a variety of flavors. please contact me to find out if you preferred flavor is available)
Chocolate Ganache
Fresh Whipped Cream
Mocha Buttercream
Lemon Curd
Mint Chocolate Ganache
Maple Buttercream
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Brown Sugar Buttercream

Favorite Flavor Combinations
Double Chocolate
Lemon Strawberry
Boston Cream Pie
Carrot Cake
Almond Mocha
German Chocolate
Apple Spice and Goat Cheese
Peanut Butter Cup

Please let me know if there is a flavor you'd like, but you do not see. I would be delighted to create your favorite flavor combination!

I don't have a precise formula for pricing my cakes. I wish that I could give you a chart with all the answers, but every cake is unique, so the prices follow suit.
Custom cakes are priced by serving and vary depending on the complexity of the design and flavors.

Buttercream cakes can be priced  from $3.00 to $8.50 a serving
Fondant covered cakes will range from $4.00 to $9.50 a serving
Cupcakes are by the dozen and range from $24 to $48

Mini cakes are $15 and are available in any flavor combination.