Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Isabelle's First Birthday

Minnie Mouse. This cake was a commission - my first, actually. It was supposed to be fondant, and as you can probably see…it’s not. 
It was a hot evening in September and I was kneeding sticky globs of marshmallow goo that just kept getting meltier and stickier the more I added to make it firm. I rolled out a perfectly light pink slab to cover the cake with…but once I put it on the cake, it was a disaster. There was at least one hole stretched through it and the rest of it was all uneven and gross. Plus now that one side was covered in buttercream, it wasn’t reusable. :( 
So, I reluctantly switched to buttercream and decorated the entire cake with icing. I was worried about how Minnie would turn out since the first time I made Minnie Mouse out of icing was when I was drawing her on a cake, but I think it came out lovely. 

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