Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Sister's Birthday

There was yet another baking hiatus following the Minnie Mouse cake, but I was able to get back around to it when my sister’s birthday rolled around again. 
Tim and I finally got our new house into a somewhat presentable state so we decided to have the family over for birthday cake and pizza… because those are the things we make best. 
I wanted to try something new and I’d heard of a recipe for pistachio cake that I thought sounded amazing…too bad you need pistachio extract, which I could only find online. Not worth it to do expedited shipping. So, I chose another nut; almond. Almond extract is easy to find and makes things delicious. I paired my new almond cake with mocha buttercream. Then my plan was to toast some almonds and use them to decorate the cake…but I burnt them. :( and I didn’t have any more, so I decorated with pecans - don’t judge. 
The cake turned out amazing. If I didn’t want to try new recipes, I would make this one every time. 

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