Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy 80th Birthday, Karl!

Friday, March 16th, my incredibly amazing and genius grandpa turned 80!

For as long as I can remember, he's had a 1966 Ford Mustang GT sitting in pieces in his garage. So I thought it would be cool to incorporate a Mustang into the design for his cake.   After multiple discussions and a couple google image searches with my husband to figure out the design, we decided to keep it simple and classy.

Sitting pretty, before moving the cake to the party

It got rained on a bit, and one of my aunts brought candles that ended up being the
perfect colors.

Chocolatey chocolate chocolate
My grandpa didn't want to cut up and eat the Mustang. He thought it was too pretty. 

I would also just like to add that if you met this man, you would not believe for a second that he is 80 years old. All of my grandparents - old folks just aint old like they used to be. 

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